One of the Brahma worlds of the Rūpaloka plane. Beings are born there as a result of developing the Fourth Jhāna (AbhS. chap. v., see. 3 d).

Their life span is five hundred mahakalpas, (Ibid., sec. 6; A.ii.128, 129) and even puthujjanas can be born there (VbhA.376).

Baka Brahma was once an inhabitant of Vehapphala (J.iii.358; SA .i.162).

Anāgāmīs born there reach Nibbāna without going elsewhere (VbhA.522).

Buddhaghosa explains (Ibid., 521= MA.i.29) the name thus: vipulā phalā ti = Vehapphalā. In ages in which the world is destroyed by wind, Vehapphala forms the limit of the destruction (CypA.9).

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