A class of devas. Their world ranks among the five foremost of the rupa-worlds, the Suddhāvāsā (D.ii.52; iii.237; M.iii.103).

Anāgāmīs are born in Avihā and there attain arahantship (ItA.40).

Mention is made of seven persons who became arahants immediately after being born in the Avihā world:


The name Avihā means "not falling from prosperity" (attano sampattiyā na hāyantīti Avihā) (VibhA.521; DA.ii.480).

The duration of life in Avihā is one thousand kappas (DA.iii.740).

Uddhamsotas start their career from Avihā and end in Akanitthā (PsA.319; DhA.iii.289-90).

The Buddha once visited Avihā. D.ii.50-1.

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