How to overcome Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS Disease


            AIDS is a new and frightening disease that has erupted into epidemic pro­portions since 1980. It is a complicated disorder of the body's defense system which is perhaps the most complicated disorder medical science has ever seen, in part because the immune deficiency is masked until complications strike. Since it strikes aggressively in young otherwise healthy individuals, it has produced panic and despair among many especially homosexual people, who appear to be at the greatest risk. Here are some of the facts that we know about AIDS:


Actual Cause of AIDS Diseases


            As a by-product from proper meditations following the path of Buddhism, an unknown type of electromagnetic radiation or radiant energy has been found. We will call this mysterious radiant energy the "inert light" or "inert radia­tion", which will explained in the next section. The inert light has been found to be the original cause of AIDS illness. In some particular situations, this inert light can be absorbed by a human body. It can also accumulate inside human body up to a level where human cells will be destroyed or stop growing and/or reproducing cells as usual. As a result, the immune system, which is the body's way of defending itself from all kinds of germs, will become weaker and weaker. Finally, the human body will easily acquire the AIDS virus which has proven itself to be one of the most deadly germs to ever infect humans. Once inside a body, AIDS virus cannot be killed by any known medical means.


What is the Inert Light?


            As we all know, the greatest source of energy this planet has is the sun. For many years, scientists have known that the sun provides the earth with different types of radiation, each of which have different wavelengths and frequencies, such as ultraviolet radiation with very high frequencies and infrared radiations with much lower frequencies. The light with a very high or very low frequency may not be seen by human eyes. The scientists have also found that overexposure to certain radiations such as ultraviolet can cause sunburn, tissue damage, possibly even skin cancer.

            Our planet is surrounded by a number of atmospheric layers. Above the last layer where we live is a layer of ozone. Ozone, which is closely related to oxygen, by its nature is a very active gas which has a special property of absorbing ultraviolet and perhaps other dangerous radiations. The ozone layer is very helpful to all living things on earth, including human beings.

            Unfortunately, the balance of nature is being destroyed by the use of a tremendous quantities of oil, coal and other hydrocarbon-containing materials as the major sources of energy on earth. All of products generated from burning these materials contains mainly carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere and is causing the "Greenhouse Effect". The Greenhouse Effect is creating two serious problems to our planet:


            1) The temperature of the earth is increasing due to the accumulation of heat in the atmosphere, heat which is being trapped due to the Greenhouse Effect.

            This phenomena has started to affect some parts of the USA. For example, during winter in Michigan for the last two years, the weather has not been as cold as it usually is. In the meantime, during summer in the USA, there has been increasingly warmer summers across the country, especially in the central states. As a result of the increasing heat wave, some people were killed, especially the older ones whose bodies are more susceptible to respiratory ailments.

            This unbalance of nature is also causing the tremendous quantities of icecaps in the north and south poles gradually to melt. This will result in a disaster all over the planet due to the rising oceans and change of the earth land surfaces.


            2) The quantity or concentration of ultraviolet radiation and perhaps other dangerous unknown radiations from the sun will increase.

            This is because the Greenhouse Effect can directly destroy ozone layer. It also will block the reflection of those radiation from the earth's surface to space. As a result, those radiations will be forced to reflect back to the earth's surface again. This reaction will occur repeatedly. Finally, the frequency of those radiation will be lower and lower until they become close to or equal to zero while the wavelength will become longer and longer until close to or equal to infinity. We call this specific type of radiation the "inert light" or "inert radiation" previously mentioned.

            At present time the concentration of inert light is increasing due to the strengthening of the Greenhouse Effect all over the planet. The scientists themselves more or less know of this phenomenon. However, none of them pay attention to it or even have given it a name. They believe that the strength of this form of radiation is so weak that it can be affect anything and eventually will disappear or be absorbed by any environment.


            Through a properly effective Buddha's meditation, it has been discovered that the scientists' assumptions are not true. A human being's mind, when it is concentrated (via meditation), can understand and detect that this inert light can be absorbed by the human body. Most importantly, it has power to gradually destroy human cells, which is the true original cause of AIDS. This phenomenon may not be detected by our current technology.


How does a Human Body Absorb the Inert Light?


The inert light or inert radiation exists around us in the atmosphere and on the earth's surface. Its density tends to increase as we produce greater quantities of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. It was discovered that this mysterious form of energy can be absorbed into the body when any part of the body is under tension and/or stress due to the perception through your eyes with light, ears with sounds, nose with smell, tongue with taste and the body itself with touching.

            Naturally, a concentrated human mind can detect that the cycle speed of each of these senses is equal to one second, on and off, on and off, all the time for a person with a normal state of mind. However, this normal state of mind will be replaced by tension and/or stress as soon as we have an extreme feeling against the surrounding via one or more sources of basic senses. For example, the accumulation of feeling regarding sex of either a male or female through the eyes from the appearance of a female or male can be a starting point of having stress and/or tension where the door for the inert light will be opened. In the case of unusual sexual activities, such as those among homosexual people, the body may receive extra stress and tension which causes a rapid rate of inert light accumulation in their bodies.

            Some examples of the causes of stress and tension of human bodies may be summarized as follows:


  1. Sex activities, especially in an unusual way,

  2. Nervousness due to overwork,

  3. Excess worrying over something without stopping,

  4. Excess fear, pressure .. etc, due to imbalance of personal life.


            We all agree that the daily lives of most people at the present time contain a great deal of stress. In addition, a lack of fresh air, with the proper amount of oxygen, is also the another major contributors of weakening of the human body as well as causing stress and tension. It is therefore extremely essential for all people to strengthen their mental health through proper, effective meditation.


Signs of Inert Light Accumulation


            One obvious reaction of the human body having too much inert light is a general tiredness without a clear cause. When the body has too much inert light, first you will feel tired or even exhausted most of the time. A medical doctor may not totally be able to find a cause or explain this problem. Mostly, patients will be advised to take vitamins, especially vitamin B12.

            Other signs of inert light accumulation is that you will feel inter­mittent fatigue in different parts of your body. At the present time, the balance of nature has been tremendously destroyed. We found our environment has been polluted in most cities. Most people have been spending their time in a polluted environment, in a city, surrounded by a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere. We found that most children and even teenagers who grow up in such an environment are not as healthy and active as they should be. This is also a sign of having too much accumulated inert light in their bodies. The energy from the inert light will gradually destroy cells in different parts of their bodies.

            As a result, the immune system will be disturbed and decrease its strength and effectiveness of defending the body from all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including the deadly AIDS virus. Therefore, people who live in a big city with a polluted environment will have a better chance of acquiring AIDS in several ways. This is one of the main reasons why the number of AIDS patients is rapidly increasing, especially in big, polluted cities. It is very important that we have to know the real cause of this illness so that we can effectively protect ourselves and our loved ones from it.


How to cure AIDS


            As described thus far, we now know and understand the real cause of AIDS. However, before describing how you can cure AIDS, it is important that the true nature of the human body and mind must be explained first. Most people who have never had any experience with any meditation practice and/or knowledge regarding the Lord Buddha's doctrines may find it difficult to understand the following description about the nature of human body and mind. It may even sound unbelievable. In fact, this mysterious nature of human being is extremely difficult to explain and almost impossible to prove unless you find out by yourself at one stage of your concentrated mind.


            1) BODY; The original cause of body development is due to our mind first being fascinated by light and creating a fine body which was undetectable by coarse human senses. Later on, when the mixture of the earth's minerals were added into that fine body, a coarser and coarser body was formed. A human body that you can see and touch is the coarsest form of body that our mind has created. In other words, each of us on the planet has a set of bodies, starting from a very fine one which normal human senses cannot perceive. The very last one, the coarsest, is your present body which may be touched and felt by all senses.


            2) MIND; The mind of a human being is perhaps the most powerful type of energy of this universe once it can be truly concentrated. It is something that is very difficult to define. The mind is a stage of pure energy existing in the nature of the universe. It is an immortal state of nature of everything in the universe including our earth planet. When one's mind is at the stage where misconceptions or delusions are involved, it will continuously develop a set of fine and coarse bodies back and forth. Once it starts to gain the knowledge regarding the truth of lives, it will stop developing those images and return to its own pure nature which the Lord Buddha called "Datha Dha", which means 'the truly normal stage of mind as it is' in the nature of the universe.

            Your body may be considered as a vehicle while your mind may be con­sidered as a driver, both components must be healthy so that you can safely arrive at your destination. Likewise, to be able to completely defeat AIDS, both major parts (body and mind) must be cured first.


Body Curing Procedure


            Body curing steps may be summarized as follows. First, you need to stay in an unpolluted environment to regulate your breathing at a normal, constant speed. You, yourself can easily feel if the environment is proper for your body by considering the way you breath in that environment. In a polluted environment your normal breathing cycle will be much shorted than in an unpolluted environment. If you try to take a deep breath while staying in a polluted environment, you may feel uncomfortable and sometimes choke.

            Second, you need to feel the regular pulse of your heart. This step is so delicate and extremely important because it is the key element to dilute or get rid of the inert light. To dilute and/or expel the inert light energy accumulated in your body, carefully follow the following guidelines.


            1) Your body should be clean, dressed in comfortable clothes and relaxed as much as possible. Sit comfortably on a floor, in any position. However, it is recommended to sit cross-legged, with the right leg resting on the left one. This sitting style has been proved to be the most stable and comfortable sitting position for a long period of meditation (once you get used to it). Your body should be straight, then lightly close your eyes and mouth. Put your right hand on top of your left hand, with both hands resting in the middle of your lap. Next, try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Make yourself feel as though you are alone, sitting in an empty space, having nothing to do or even to think about. Try to have a normal constant breathing speed. Let the re­maining thoughts come out of your brain through regular, constant exhalations. Do not think about your inhalations.

            You have to repeatedly practice this preliminary step at a rather constant speed of approximately one second per cycle of inhalation and exha­lation. Remember that try not to pay attention to your inhalations. Concentrate only on your exhalations with the thoughts going out from your brain with each cycle.


            2) Once you feel like your mind and especially your brain is blank and sometimes bright with a white light, you need to slowly move this quiet empty feeling to your heart. At this point, you should be able to feel your heart beating. To prevent your mind from spreading around about anything or losing your concentration, you may count one, two, three, ... along while you feel your heart beating for the first time, second time....and so.


            3) You keep counting in step two until your mind feels tired of counting. Up to this point your mind should have good concentration and you may stop counting, but continue just knowing all the time that your heart is beating. Remember that the "beating heart" is the only thing that you should pay attention to, nothing else.


            4) Once you are consistent with the practice in step you may feel now that your heart is beating very hard but at regular, constant speed of approximately one second per cycle. You may feel, even hear, the beating sound and your body may slightly shake due to the beating force. This is a sign of a well concentrated mind. Your mind now has been collecting more power than it originally had in step 1. Remember that every time you feel about things you are wasting your mind power. The more you feel for either happiness or sadness, the more power you lose. Therefore, extreme feelings about things is not a good habit at all because you can easily weaken your mental health and ruin your physical health at worst. This is certainly true and most people have experienced this phenomenon. Unfortunately, most of them do not know why or how and even pay attention to it. This is why the Lord Buddha told human beings to try to locate their feelings right in the middle of every single thing that would happen to their lives. In this way, you can always retain and perhaps gain more energy for your mind which is the key element for human beings to reach the ultimate goal of meditation. This goal is to discover the true causes of human suffering and the actual path leading to the extinction of all suffering.


            5) This step is more delicate than the previous one. What you need to do in this step is to raise the feeling of your pulse a little bit above the original position. Using your concentrated feeling to look at the original position of the pulse. You will see that the pulse you felt before has two separate parts, the upper part will stand still while the lower part will keep moving by making a beating reaction up and down between the upper part and its lower base. If you raise the feeling of your pulse from the original place too high you will not be able to see the reaction between the upper stationary part and the lower moving part. Besides, you may lose track of your previous pulse feeling. If this is the case, do not be frightened. You move the feeling that you just raised down to the original location. By doing this, you will regain the previous stage of mind and again try to carefully repeat this step.

            6) Maintain your concentrated feeling on the reaction between the upper stationary part and the moving lower part described in step 5 until you get used to its pulse reaction. You may notice that the duration of each cycle of this pulse reaction is as short as one second.


            7) Once you get used to the pulse reaction described in step 6, you need to move this pulse reaction (with your concentrated mind) to the different part of your body where the inert light energy was accumulated. This pulse reaction has an amazingly powerful force to dilute and expel the accumulated inert light energy. You will feel like having a heavy weight existing in the area that has the inert radiation accumulated. These locations can be detected by scanning all parts of your body with your mind. In addition to removing the inert radiation from your body, this pulse reaction will also stimulate the centre of human cells, resulting in effectively increasing the strength of the immune system. The body will then regain the ability to defend itself against all manner of infection.


Mental Curing Procedure


            Our mental health and strength is as important as the physical health. For AIDS disease, in particular, both element must be cured at the same time.

            The effective mental curing strategies may be summarized as follows:


            1) Consider that sex activities, especially in an unusual way is not a very pleasant activity that you should be fascinated with. Besides, it creates a number of social problems, can ruin your health and even the rest of your life. Once you realize these negative outcomes, your mind will gradually not concentrate or focus on it. This will directly and indirectly reduce one source of creating stress and/or tension to your mind and body.


            2) Consider that your body itself is not a pleasant, wonderful thing at all, no matter how good looking you are. In fact, it is the greatest burden to you. Almost every where on the outside and in the inside of your body is dirty due to the daily death of cells and all the germs surrounding you. Your body is, in fact, a temporary vehicle for you to drive (with your mind as a driver). One of these days it will die and become part of the earth. This consideration is a strategy that can help you release your mind from being too much fascinated with your body. Once you truly have this type of thoughts, it can directly and indirectly help reduce the amount of inert radiation accumulated in your body because your mind is free from the greatest burden.


            3) Practice your meditation and never giving them up. Try to find the time for this important practice. At the present time, there are several different ways to practice meditations. All of them are good but the most effective approach is the one introduced by the Lord Buddha. The Lord Buddha's meditations can help you to totally relax and truly release stress and tension from every part of your body. This is, in fact, the most effective way to prevent the inert light from accumulating in your body. All the steps and strategies used for exercising your body and mind described_thus far are very essential in curing AIDS. As soon as all inert radiation accumulated in your body is expelled and the cells are strengthened by the stimulation of pulse reaction, the AIDS virus will gradually disappear. Once the patient is cured using this secret method, he/she should continue practising the Lord Buddha's meditations. Your miserable life will be ended. One day you will see the true state of nature of human beings and all living things on earth and in the universe.


Other Considerations and Practices for Preventing AIDS


            In addition to the direct method of curing AIDS described previously, there are some other considerations and practices for preventing AIDS which can be summarized as follows:


            1) Stop destroying the forest and trees which are the greatest sources of oxygen production on earth. In the meantime new forests and trees should be planted.


            2) Eliminate the Greenhouse Effect which destroying the balance of nature all over the planet.


            3) Try to stay away from polluted areas as much you can. Remember that the polluted environment can be both inside and outside of the buildings with or without air conditioners.


            4) Try to eat less (or stop eating) meat while eat more fruit and vegetables. The reason behind this advice is that with thorough meditation, it was discovered that most animals' meat contains a number of fine impurities that can enrich human stress and tension. These impurities were not found in fruits and other plant products. Unfortunately, these fine impurities are mysterious and undetectable by any scientific instruments. They may not be seen at all with human eyes. These fine impurities may be consisted of anger, cruelness, sex-drive and all kinds of evil habit that animals would have when they were alive. These fine, invisible impurities may be called the "minerals of mind". These mysterious minerals are transferable to the human cells, once they are eaten. Since they can not be seen or detected, most people may not believe that it is possibly true. You may be one of them. However, you can prove it by yourself by following this simple practice:


            a) Check and record your stress, tension and sex-drive and other nature of your characteristics.


            b) Start to eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to reduce and finally stop eating any kind of meat. Remember that all kinds of beans can provide you with the proteins that you can get from the meat. Therefore, you should not worry about getting any problem with not eating meat. You may take supple­mental vitamins, if you wish. Please note that you should stop eating food immediately when you are full. You may already have this good eating habit.


            c) Maintain this eating style and habit for two to three months. During this period of time try to also practice meditation using any method you like.

            d) After four to six weeks you will find out that some of your charac­teristics are being changed. For examples, your sex-drive and stress/tension that you had before will start to be reduced. Your brain may not be as heavy as it was before. Your nervous habit will also be significantly reduced.


            Once, you start to eat meat again, within two to three weeks you will find that you will return to your previous situation again. This phenomenon will be a good, self-evident proof. Most people who regularly practice the Lord Buddha's meditation will sooner become vegetarians by themselves.


            In summary, the AIDS disease can possibly be cured using the afore­mentioned method. The curing period, of course depends upon the time and effort the patient will spend in exercising his/her body and mind. Each step and strategy used in curing AIDS may not be easy for some patients. However, the choice is yours, waiting until the last day of your life or trying the method introduced here with all your heart and greatest effort possible. You have nothing to lose by trying this mysterious approach but what you may hope for is your new life. Again, remember that "you are the only one who can truly help yourself, no body else can" 

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lf, no body else can" 

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