The "Don't Worry" Society


was organised not long ago in New York; it is, however, just as well suited to other latitudes and longitudes. It is intended for people who "cannot help worrying".

            If really you can't help it, you are in an abnormal condition, you have lost self-control, - it is a mild type of mental derangement. You must attack your bad habit of worrying as you would a disease. It is definitely something to be overcome, an infirmity that you are to get rid of.


            "Be good and you will be happy," is a very old piece of advice. Mrs. Mary A. Livermore now proposes to reverse it, - "Be happy and you will be good." If unhappiness is a bad habit, you are to turn about by sheer force of will and practice cheerfulness. "Happiness is a thing to be practised like a violin."


            Not work, but worry, fretfulness, friction, - these are our fouls in America. You should not go here and there, making prominent either your bad manners or a gloomy face. Who has a right to rob other people of their happiness? "Do not," says Emerson, "hang a dismal picture on your wall; and do not deal with sables and glooms in your conversation.'


            If you are not at the moment cheerful, - look, speak, act, as if you were, "You know I had no money, I had nothing to give but myself," said a woman who had great sorrows to bear, but who bore them cheerfully. "I formed a resolution never to sadden any one else with my troubles. I have laughed and told jokes when I could have wept. I have always smiled in the face of every misfortune. I have tried never to let any one go from my presence with out a happy word or a bright thought to carry away. And happiness makes happiness. I myself am happier than I should have been had I sat down and bemoaned my fate."


                        " 'T is easy enough to be pleasant,
                        When life flows along like a song;
                        But the man worthwhile is the one who will smile
                        When everything goes dead wrong;
                        For the test of heart is trouble,
                        And it always comes with the years;
                        And the smile that is worth the praise of the earth
                        Is the smile that comes through tears."  

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